Alt Appreciation – Mage Week

Ahhh Mages. Most of you will know that my main is a Mage, which means I’m probably a bit biased, but she’s definitely my favourite character.

This is her:

Aviary Photo_130212014347818055

I first started playing WoW as I wanted to see what all the fuss was about as my husband played a lot. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, so when he asked me what class I wanted to play, I went for the one which sounded like Harry Potter. The Gnome looked cute, and he told me being a gnome would help me out later so I went for it. I felt a bit weird playing a boy, so I went for a girl and named her my nickname that I had when I lived in France. Off I went!

At first, I had no idea what I was doing. Literally. As with all new players, I fumbled around, finding the whole experience really overwhelming. Mr B helped me a lot in those first few weeks, learning the spells and questing. By the time I was level 50 something, I signed for my first dungeon, got shouted at for being a noob and swore the whole thing off. I couldn’t stay away though, and to this day, my Mage remains the toon I feel most confident about playing; knowing the rotation really well and having the best wardrobe. Of course.

At the moment, Lou is Frost and has been for the whole of MoP. I do like arcane, but since the rotation changed my noobish brain can’t get into the new format of spells. She is my best geared, with an Ilvl of 518, but as I don’t raid, this is almost as good as I’m going to get (I haven’t upgraded many items, in preparation for the new patch) until the 5.4 patch gear hits. I do all my grinding for rep on her, as well as achievements… I find the portals really useful 😉 I roll lots of alts, but always end up coming back to the Mage.

Here is my Mage, Dumblesin. Yes, I thought the name was witty too.

Aviary Photo_130212006092097823

On a side note, I think the Tirisfal mage set is amazing… one of my favourite mog sets in game.

I rolled my first mage in BC when I first rolled Alliance. I raided on this toon at 70 and it was fun… for a while. This Mage has been Ally, then a Horde Undead, now back to Alliance… depending on which server I was playing on at the time.

Many years ago, I used to make youtube vids of what we got upto. Here’s one of Dumblesin, then my level 70 draenei mage named Sverta.

Since then, I have played it at every expansion at max level but never really got further than that. During MoP, I switched to Frost for the higher DPS but found the rotation really boring. Tried Fire, didn’t enjoy it at all. Arcane doesn’t seem efficient at low gear levels, and my Mage has remained unplayed since, sitting at a low ilvl of around 450.

I suppose a big part of not playing Mage that much because the wife plays hers as her main. She plays it well… and I don’t want to make her feel bad by being more awesome 😉

Actually, now I’ve watched that old video, I really want to play it! I’m going to go and farm some justice for some gear…. Thanks Lae, without this, perhaps I would never have got that feeling back!