Ti’un the Wanderer

Here’s my strategy for beating Ti’un, found in Townlong Steppes.

Aviary Photo_130261502706310573

Pet Setup

I actually had none of the right pets for this fight, so I employed the same tactic I used for Lucky Yi.

Aviary Photo_130261502583716278


Here, my strategy was to cast Apocalypse and survive until it struck. So, I brought my fail-safe pets which I know I can last a few rounds of hard hitting damage with. Ti’un casts Tidal Wave a lot which deals a butt-load of damage to back row pets, so watch out.

So, starting with the Roach and Apocalypse, then swapping to the Whelpling and using heal whenever up plus the others to fill the gaps (avoiding his nuke, which you can predict as he “pumps up”, with Life Off really helped!). When the Whelpling died, I used Life Exchange on the Dragon to heal the damage from the Tidal Wave, then Moonfire and Wind until the Apocalypse hit.

You can also use a crab, which are very sturdy. Renewing Mists can take the edge off the back row damage to the pets, and  the shield can mitigate *some* of the damage.

Not an easy fight without the right pets, but as I don’t have any for a more impressive strategy, this works OK for me every time.