A little shout out

A little shout out

After our moan the other day about people and the warcraft community I think it’s only fair that I give a shout out to all the awesome people who have helped me out the past few days (weeks!). 

Thanks Chromeeh for all your advice and taxi services. I’m glad our last grouping was beneficial with that fab legendary!

Thanks to Rellic who boosts me through more content than I could say… I would have been dead much more frequently if it wasn’t for you!!!

Thanks also to my new pal Alunaria who is so friendly and always cheerful and willing to help. You should follow her blog and twitter by the way!

Finally, to all the people on twitter who tirelessly answer my nooby questions and help me on my journey to become less of a nooby mage: SivationNeondwarfCrow and Marathal. I’ve missed so many off I know, but honestly we really appreciate it! 

Spread the love, friends. Oh and tomorrow is the first installment of the the Community Project! Exciting!!!

Now I’ve done my acceptance speech I shall receive applause and leave.