To Follow, To Tweet or To Observe. YOU DECIDE.

The beauty of Twitter is that we can use it however we want: tweet lots or not at all; follow many or none; interact with others or remain a silent watcher. We get asked A LOT about why we decide to follow so many people, so we thought instead of trying to fit the explanation into 140 characters, we would write a short post explaining why.



Followers…. numbers…. statistics…. get it? :p

We joined Twitter for ONE reason – to interact with the Warcraft and wider gaming community.This is something we can’t do in our personal lives, as we don’t have the type of family that supports spending money/long hours on games and being indoors (there’s a whoooole other post there!). There are very few people we know personally who we can share our ‘gaming life’ with and most don’t game themselves, so reaching out and being part of the community is really important to us.

It started off as a way to be ‘real’ people behind our modest little blog. To see other’s blogs and share what we were up to. We followed all of the big Blizzard reps and other larger names in the community as a way to feed our obsession with news and Warcraft chat. Soon, we followed more people who actually interacted with us back (!!) and we were thrilled at making all these new friends.

In our own opinion, Twitter is a two way street – you want ‘ordinary’ (you know what I mean!) people to care about you and what you have to say? You pay them the same respect. We LOVE to hear what our followers are up to, and we hope they feel the same about us. It’s not about numbers. We don’t care if there are 2,000 people’s tweets to read – we (most of the time) want to know what everyone is doing and how they’re feeling. How can we expect people to listen to what we have to say if we can’t pay them the same courtesy?



That’s us, the little slow one at the back 😀

Obviously, not every one of our followers feel the same. We get many people who follow just to get a follow back, then unfollow us – I’ve been advised that the more people who follow you/the less you follow is a popularity thing. We also have people follow us thinking we are an RP account and are sorely disappointed when they don’t find two gnomes talking about… snow/engineering/life being short and stuff. We also have our own rules: we won’t follow anyone who swears obsessively or who post a lot of porn or who are continuously negative. We also like to follow mostly gaming accounts, as this is a lot of what our online personas are all about, We may miss some Tweets, especially at night, but we manage to read about 80% and we don’t want to read stuff like that.

We know people don’t like reading through lots of Tweets and we know people might like to post many pictures of naked Animé characters – each to their own. We strongly feel that unless there’s a good reason not to, we should… and we WILL…. follow thus, interact with as many people as we can.

I could go on and on about Twitter cliques (take you back to school, anyone?), trolls and politics, but it’s not even 9am and I need my breakfast. But I hope this rather convoluted post gives you an insight behind our reasoning for following so many.

Finally… if there’s something you really want us to see, please tag us or DM us. We do miss things when life gets in the way of our online presence but we DO want to be a small part of your Twitter world!


I’m likely to get into trouble for this, especially as it’s a bit ironic, but I can’t help myself.

The power of people is a wonderful thing. It has the opportunity to alienate, create community, annoy, bring joy… a whole host of big personal emotions. As a person, you’re able to influence someone else directly. How mad is that?

We are asked time and time again why we follow so many people om Twitter. The reason is really simple – we enjoy reading about what you all get up to. The highs (and lows), the achievements, the news, the personal experiences… we love it all. We would much rather have a really busy timeline with loads of news, than follow 100 people and have no experience of our followers and their lives. Seems a bit self centered to have loads of followers and not partake in a two-way relationship… in our own opinion anyway.

Recently, both of us have been suffering from extreme WoW  fatigue, so we sympathise, we really do.

To justify this to the haters: I am now gear capped (I can’t do normals due to my work commitments), I have 15k achievement points, I have 58 exalted reps, I’ve done all but one boss of Brawlers Guild (which I just can’t get past – 50 wipes and counting!). I *almost* have Gold Proving Grounds (I keep failing the last wave, QQ), I have ALL professions maxed, I have 10 level 90’s with one left for the boost. I have a full set of current 522 PvP gear (which considering I HATE PvP I’m quite proud about!), I have 168 mounts. I have almost all the recipes for each of these primary and secondary professions (relying on drops), I have all Best Friend reps (Halfhill, Nat Pagle etc). We have – thanks to you lovely folk – a wonderful level 25 guild.

I’ve been playing since Cata’s last patch.

So it has REALLY  pissed me off this week with the amount of goddamn moaning on Twitter by people who don’t seem to WANT to find things to do, or see the good points of Warcraft. “There’s nothing to do, QQ”, “WoD changes suck, QQ”, “What am I paying Blizzard for? QQ”, “Changes suck, QQ”. So much so, I’ve gone MIA – I just can’t keep my cool with people.

complaint1Let me get this straight:

  1. I understand you have been playing since Vanilla
  2. I understand you don’t want to raid / can’t raid / have raided HC
  3. I understand you pay for content
  4. I understand you have done all that I have (and probably more)
  5. I understand you absolutely hate the proposed changes to: your class/spec/character models/raids/[insert change here]
  6. I understand you feel that without flying you can’t live/have fun
  7. I understand a year without content is a long time
  8. I definitely understand that you don’t feel Blizzard listens to everyone / works hard enough / reads the numerous blog posts, tweets, forums

In case you’ve forgotten:

  1. You have a really understanding set of developers who are clearly listening to as many suggestions as possible – last nights interview on FinalBossTV if you can’t believe that.
  2. You have a pretty good bug-free game
  3. You have regular fixes
  4. You have a really good (from my own experience anyway) Customer Service
  5. You have [insert time here] number of hours of entertainment for the sub fee. If you don’t, why are you playing? Cinema for two people in the UK here is, say 3hours, for £8pp. You do the maths. We pay £17.98/month for WoW.

… So can we all just shut up moaning now?

thinkHow on EARTH do you know whether you will hate the changes to: class/spec/character models/raids/[insert change here] if you haven’t played it yet? It’s like the children I work with telling me they absolutely 100% hate the piece of music I give them to play without even hearing it. It’s ridiculous and I’m sick of it.

By all means, give your opinion on the alpha changes! But try this: instead of adopting the familiar blame culture that is the Western society, say it once, say it politely, and then leave it be. Even better if you can have a solution ready – Ok, so loads of hunter abilities have been removed. You know Blizzard wants to remove the bloat, so instead of QQing to them and not being constructive, offer a solution that they might consider. Win-win.

We love to hear your opinions, but there is a difference between an opinion, and moaning for the sake of being negative. We are both generally really happy people and it’s really depressing seeing so many people not even trying to see the good stuff or offer solutions to the numerous problems they find with the new content etc.

We have unfollowed people this week because of this, which makes us really sad. We want to interact with the community, but we just can’t hack the negativity at the moment. I know this is a post moaning about people  moaning, but after watching it for a week, I reckon I’m allowed.

Positive Mental Attitude! Let’s give it a go… for the sake of our sanity… pretty please?

The Tweeters Guild – All Grown Up!

In November, after moving to a new server, we decided it would be as good a time as any to start a new guild for us and our friends.

So, The Tweeters was born!

Aviary Photo_130400738930071906My lovely Panda modelling The Tweeters tabard!

Quill=bird=twitter… geddit?

We have both been away the past few days, so it was sod’s law that the guild dinged level 25 yesterday!

tweeters 25Thanks to Batinna for the screenshot of the magical moment!

We wanted to say a huge thank you and congratulations to everyone who has helped us level the guild and make it the lovely, friendly place that it is. It is a guild for you guys, and you have made it a happy place to be!

Extra Special thanks to:

  • @GPBatinna
  • @GPSicarios
  • @TheLongBoarder
  • @Priestclass
  • @Laeleiweyn
  • @SarahEd1981
  • @Roneebean
  • @Cyrilsneeruk
  • @SarahBurton

We are a special guild in the respect that we are mainly an alt guild – we are a place for you to hang out with a bunch of lovely people, whichever server you’re from. Many have put alts in at level 1 and pop by for a chat; some have alts they enjoy levelling in their spare time; and a few of us with our mains in there even manage to get a few guild HC’s together at max level.

If you’re interested in joining us, we are on Doomhammer EU – contact us via Twitter or whisper anyone online for an invite. We’d love to welcome you into the guild!

WoW Screenshot A Day, Days 12-17

Day 12 (macro)

I used my awesome home-made random mount macro found in this post.


Day 13 (fast)

How is it possible to get half way round the world in 20seconds?!

WoWScrnShot_081313_152230Day 14 (trash)

The word ‘trash’ means something slightly different in the UK, so we went for ‘trash-talk’. Here’s a DK dissing my little Gnome 😦

Aviary Photo_130209757612255912

Day 15 (the best)

This is the best of the Alliance… General Turalyon, honoured forever as a statue in Stormwind.

Aviary Photo_130210446815397355











Day 16 (cooking)

I grinded for houuuuurs to get the title and Best Friends with all the Halfhill characters AND to train Nomi. I’m also doing the dailies for the hat at the moment, so it’s only apt that I submit this picture.

Aviary Photo_130211479620139344

Day 17 (exercise)

Spinning classes are all the rage these days, right?!

Aviary Photo_130212238260677185

WoW Screenshot A Day, Days 6-11

Here’s the next update from @Tycertank‘s challenge.

Day 6 (This Means A Lot To Us) – Gaming With Friends

I, conveniently, posted about this earlier in the week… read the back story here.

Aviary Photo_130199430780181166

Day 7 (A Sign)

I took this with a pinch of salt and instead of going for a lovely sign I’d found in Azeroth, I went for the signs of WoW:

Aviary Photo_130203018275889298

Day 8 (peek-a-boo)

This came from when we were running HCs and decided to play games – much to the tank’s annoyance. Read the full story here.

blog1Day 9 – 2 O’clock

I struggled with this. In the end I decided to just choose something that I was doing at 2pm. Unoriginal I know. So, at 2pm that day, I was /bowing to Kroshik for the achievement ‘When in Ihgaluk, Do as the Skumblade Do’

Embedded image permalink

Day 10 (A Beverage)

Hanging out with Chen Stormstout at the Wanderer’s Festival!

Aviary Photo_130206281346071738

Day 11 (I love doing this!)

For this it was quite an obvious choice, and indeed, the theme of our blog: playing together. As I (Mrs B) am doing the challenge, I choice playing with my husband as the thing I love doing. As he is the one who introduced me to WoW, and the one I spend most of my online time with, it was nice for me to be able to give him the credit.

Aviary Photo_130173413290989504Hope you enjoyed them! I’ll update again soon!

WoW Screenshot A Day, Days 1-5

This is a lovely challenge, (similar to the other blog challenges like 20 Days of WoW) which has been running courtesy of @tycertank on Twitter. With YouTube videos and LOADS of people taking part, it’s going to be awesome seeing what everyone comes up with! I thought it’d be nice to catalogue all of our own entries here every few days, so these are days 1-5: I missed the first couple of days due to our hols though 🙂

Check out Tycer’s own blog (here) for rules and hints and definitely, if you’re not already, take part. It’s fun!


As I said, we missed Days 1 and 2, so:

Day 3 (skyline) – Howling Fjord


Day 4 (Fresh) – White Snow


Day 5 (Early) – Ragnaros, the first raid boss

We did this raid with a group of lovely people from Twitter a few weeks ago, so it’s especially poignant!


That’s all for now, I’ll update on Day 10 with the next 5 screenies!

Naked Raid!

As you may know from my spamming on Twitter, we organised a naked raid yesterday.


See the rules of the event here.

We had about 14 people all-in-all: 2 tanks, 3 healers and the rest DPS.

The Best Bits

  • Being naked… duh.
  • Seeing everyone else naked!
  • Downing Raggy… naked.
  • Lava swimming… naked.
  • Finally meeting lots of awesome twitter people

The Difficult bits

  • The core hounds – we adopted a “we’re level 90’s and therefore invincible” approach: went in and attacked. However, because we lacked so much dps, we couldn’t AoE them down before they respawned on each other.
  • Gaining aggro as a tank – also didn’t help with the core hound problem. Gathering them was near impossible.
  • Mana regen was next to nil
  • Haste / attack power etc was next to nil, so dps averaged around about 3k on the mage – a far cry from my usual 90-100k!
  • Melée having very little damage due to only having a white weapon

The next plan

We’d like to try something a little harder – although the healers think it may be tricky with their lack of mana regen. However, BWL or ICC definitely would give us a challenge!


If you’d like to see a vid, Batinna has put together a wonderful compilation of our adventure and Thibaste has put together a gallery of screenshots for us.


A massive thank you to everyone who came yesterday!!

Mad about WoW?

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ll know that we tweet about our inability to separate WoW from our ‘regular’ lives, as well as the hashtags such as:

#YouKnowYouPlayTooMuchWoW when the microwave dings and you say “grats”

#YouKnowYouPlayTooMuchWoW when your husband says “DINNER INCOMING!”

What also inspired this post was when a Twitter pal (@leewallbank) and I got chatting about me saying “grats” to a co-worker on her marriage. We went on to discuss him refraining from saying “ding” at a Birthday. I dare one of you! Then, about how Mr B had to make up for being naughty by getting me some lovely Birthday gifts… which he described as “epic loot”… /groan

But wait, it gets worse.

The infraction aforementioned was, in fact, this card:



I need to get my revenge. All suggestions welcome.


20 Days of WoW – Day 9

Day 09 – Your first blog post


As you have seen in our ‘About Us’ page, we are a married couple who share a mutual interest in World of Warcraft.

Well, if ‘mutual’ translates to bickering over who gets to play on the better PC screen, that’s about right.

Although we’ve been playing on the same server for a while, we haven’t really done anything together. Perhaps that’s because of Mrs B’s love (and Mr B’s indifference!) of achievements – but recently this has changed.

Along with a few of our online friends, we run our guild <Allusion>. Initially set up to raid, we have recently decided it’s just too much hassle to organise, so instead we do the old raids, achievement runs and generally, have a laugh. It seems cliché, but we are pleased we have a small, friendly guild instead of a big, impersonal one. We just reached 25, so hopefully now we can pull in some new people ready for challenge modes, which we really want to start.

We don’t kid ourselves – we’ll never be great, but let’s have some fun with our WoW mates, right?

This blog, we hope, will be a fun – non-elitist – look at WoW and our adventures. Don’t expect revalations or in-depth thinking, but do expect an honest view!”

I can’t believe that was only a few weeks ago. It feels like we’ve been part of this lovely community for a lot longer.

I was right though, there has definitely been NO in-depth thinking or revalations!