A Jolly Good Time

Day… 14? of resub. I’ll edit that if I find out! Level 108.


Look, funny flying Gnome (note: no magic involved, lag!)

I had such a good time tonight I didn’t even notice the ding. I’ve spent a good few hours (Mr B went to bed early – I have no idea what he’s been doing, sorry!) pottering around Val’sharah. Look how pretty it is!!! I took lots of screenshots.

It was good to see some old faces – Tyrande and Ysera. It was amazing to be somewhere pretty at last (thanks, Twitter for recommending this zone next!) and it was also good to pick up a couple of pets and toys from rares I hadn’t already got. Time flew!

I also spent too much time oggling at this dude and his epic tree-beard:


I wish our PC would handle graphics settings other than “ultra low”, I bet he looks magnificent in HD!

I also finally found a guild that seems nice – I was propositioned by a player named “Jellinator” (made me giggle too), so we will see how that goes. I had a much less lonely time this evening anyway!

Right, I’m off… not that I want to, but I’ve almost finished this zone (*sob*) so I’m going to eek it out a little by pacing myself!

Val’sharah also has the cutest battle pets!!!!