This post is all about a hunter pet that you can no longer tame – sorry folks!

Here he is, a slime, with the matching pet (the Viscidius Globule).

paulslimeAn IRL friend (yes, they do exist!) has had this pet for years and kept it safe as it’s no longer available and agreed to share it with us.

The Story

Back in WoTLK, right at the beginning of the expansion, there was a bug that enabled these awesome creatures to be tamed. Unfortunately, it was discovered, but luckily, those who had tamed one were able to keep it. Interestingly, if you beast lore it, it still shows up as a Crocodile.

The long and short, is that Apophis on Veknilash has one of, if not the, rarest hunter pet in the game and we should all admire it… even if we are all insanely jealous!