Alt Appreciation – Warrior Week!

This is the final installment of Lae’s alt appreciation weeks.

Class WeekI’ll be sad to see this challenge go. Re-visiting old memories, chatting about our characters and playing with transmogs. This last week, for us, ends on a “meh” toon unfortunately – Warriors.

Warriors, for me, are a no-go. I tried to level one and the only bit I liked about it was that she was a Panda. She got to level 21 and I deleted her… I really didn’t enjoy it. I can’t pinpoint why exactly, perhaps I’ll try again in a few months, but for now… I’ll be warrior-less.

As a contrast, I love my warrior!

Aviary Photo_130215813910218135

I levelled him really quickly and loved every minute. I think it’s bashing bad guys over the head with an axe that is really satisfying and the glyph which leaves a trail of fire behind when you charge? Awesome! I also really love the mog sets available, I’ll post about this one later in the week.

The only reason I really stopped playing it recently is because before the timeless isle went live, I got a bit stuck with gearing him up. He sits in PvP blues and hasn’t been played for a while unfortunately as I got bored with the slow gear drops. This, of course, meant I went and rolled another character – my hunter – for which I am eternally grateful.

If you don’t have a warrior already… GO ROLL ONE! They’re really fun!