Re-roll, Days 4 and 5 (Diseased)

Day 4

  • Level: 40
  • Gold: 27g 50s
  • Areas: Western Plaguelands
  • Favourite moment / quest: The quest “Go Fletch!” tickled me…!
  • Least favourite moment / quest: I didn’t particularly enjoy running Dire Maul, it’s long and even with a good group can be dull
  • Instances: Dire Maul, Uldaman, Maraudon
  • Favourite ability: N/A


Empty Inn in Andorhal

In the Inn above, we watched a naked Tauren and an Alliance Paladin RP-ing. We, of course, ran about like children /shake and /moon-ing them. Only in WoW…

Day 5

  • Level: 43
  • Gold: 20 ish
  • Area: Eastern Plaguelands
  • Favourite Moment / quest: Riding Fiona’s caravan for me!

WoWScrnShot_042813_175048… mine was parachuting off Crown Guard Tower…



  • Least favourite moment / quest: We both agreed on this! “Greasing the Wheel” – where you collect Banshee Bells from by the Thondoril River in Western Plaguelands or “Frederik’s Fish Fancy” which is collecting the little fish at the bottom of the lake. There were SO MANY people levelling that doing these quests was really tedious with people stealing your items.