Oondasta. Ouch.

We have both enjoyed killing the world bosses, of which Mr B has now killed multiple times. The gear is a nice compensation for the hurrendous lag, multiple deaths and idiot people pulling when the tank isn’t ready.

Yesterday, the guild decided to go en masse to kill Oondasta, who I’d never heard off (you should know by now that I’m a noob and don’t read the news!). Mr B could only tell me that he was a “nightmare” and that I would die a lot. Oh how right he was….

We joined the group of 40 on the Isle of Giants, amongst the dinosaurs (which I love by the way) and multiple skeletons from previous failed attempts. We pulled him down to the beach… I wondered why until I realised it was next to the graveyard.

He looked simply awesome cresting the top of the hill…


Between killing the mobs in the area, dying every 30 seconds and waiting 2 minutes to be able to ressurect, I didn’t do an awful lot of damage. I did get a lot of time to check him out, and he is really a work of art. I don’t know the tactics (other than to not stand too close to each other) but if you have the chance, and haven’t yet killed him, definitely give it a go.

I got a nice 522 neck in the process, which I unfortunately can’t use as I have a better one already, but I think he is much more interesting than the Sha. 200g repair bill was definitely worth it!

Now I just need to kill Galleon…