First Legion Experience

Day 1 of Resub

These are the things I have learnt so far:

  1. Everything has changed – no flying in new Dalaran (this shouldn’t have taken me by surprise but it did!); Class Halls (wut?); talents; Artifacts…
  2. There’s much more storytelling. I’m not a lore-buff and I must admit I may have gone to get some more Easter chocolate through some of the longer cut scenes.
  3. Artifacts are confusing. I need to read.
  4. I lag a lot. Note to self: get Mr B on the case, see if he can fix that.
  5. What the hell is “shimmer”?! It took me about an hour to find it because of its stupid name. I don’t need to have pretty Princess spell names, thanks.
  6. I need to remember I’m bottom of the food chain again and stop running into massive packs of Demons thinking I’m invincible. Note to self: this causes you to die. A lot.
  7. I must buy a more comfortable office chair… numb bum experience is not pleasant.

blog meme

That’s all for now, I’m going to go cram a year’s worth of MMO Champion!

A Goal Achieved

After nearly a year of perseverance,  I finally hit my goal of 60 exalted reputations!

Aviary Photo_130504489664031471

I have been rocking ‘The Beloved’ title ever since!

It’s a massive grind for only 10 points, but you do get lots of pretty mounts and tabards AND there’s something inside me that feels happy to see this:

Aviary Photo_130505923331763447

I’ve decided to keep going and see how many I can get. I have all the hard ones left now: Hydraxion Warlords (getting a bit sick of Molton Core!!), Booty Bay, Frenzyheart (I can’t be bothered after working so hard for the Oracles!) etc etc. I don’t feel a mad rush, but it’ll be nice to see if I can get a couple more done before WoD.

Do you guys like rep grinding?

The Triumphant Return!

So, we did it, we re-subscribed to Warcraft. We were both missing it and it seemed like a good time now I am on holiday for the summer.

It’s funny though, as soon as I logged in, I went afk for a bit, chatted for a bit, then flew around aimlessly for a bit. It was only after a couple of days after re-subbing that I decided I needed some goals. So, I picked up right where I left off – working for my 60 reps, grinding for the few mounts I need and working on any achievements that take my fancy. Mr B is busy working on more alts, and gearing more alts for pvp. Each to their own I suppose………………….

Things feel different this time though. Perhaps we have wised up a bit and got a better attitude, or perhaps it was a clean break which made us appreciate the game. Probably a mixture of the two, but this is definitely a question of balance. For us and our lifestyle, playing multiple hours a day and prioritising dailies/gear/guild over ‘real life’, and dare I say… each other?… wasn’t healthy. This time around, logging in for an hour, doing something fun and logging out to enjoy the rest of our day away from a screen feels much better.

Anyway, I have a post lined up in the next couple of days about what we’ve been upto in more detail, so ciao for now!


We don’t often talk about real life ‘us’, but we thought we’d make an exception because this is a special week for us! It is 4 years yesterday that we went on our first date and 6 months today that we’ve been married. Let me hear the “ahhhhhh”… 😀

Now, if that isn’t enough, this week also symbolises Mr B’s EIGHTH year of playing World of Warcraft! This may not be momentous to a non-gamer, but I think everyone reading this blog will be truly awed by this show of loyalty.

I think I can safely say that my love and loyalty is undying!


We got engaged next to Highforce waterfall in County Durham – this waterfall in Grizzly Hills was so similar we had to stop and re-create the scene!

Monday Moan #16


I have been camping hunter pets a lot these past couple of weeks, and I’ve been really annoyed with several things:

1. People killing rare pets

2. People ninja-ing rare pets

3. People sharing your camp spot for rare pets


1. If you see a high level hunter in a lowbie area not moving, chances are he/she is camping a pet. Do us a favour, and when it spawns, LEAVE IT ALONE. The green is drops is so not worth it.

2. If you’re not a hunter and you see a hunter taming a pet… LEAVE IT ALONE. Don’t kill it just to be a prat… karma is a baaaad thing.

3. Oi! It’s mine, go away! If it was me and I flew to a spawn point and found someone already there, I leave that person to their own spot and go and find my own. I think it’s really rude and I refuse to compete over a pet… they were there first! It’s similar to queue jumping which also really gets my goat. May as well come back another time when they’ve gone.

In summary? BE NICE! Common courtesy seems to be a forgotten mannerism in today’s society. Let’s rediscover it, and hunters everywhere will be happy!

Treasure Trove Scenario

The Treasure Trove scenario – a solo experience aimed at enabling you to pic up a whole host of goodies.

Quick Info

  • Kill rares on the Isle of Thunder (list and map) to get a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen
  • Hand the key in to Taoshi in the cave at 51,46 to gain access
  • Loot chests to have a chance at things like Elder Charms, Rep tokens and Burial Trove Keys (for extra chests at the end)

As far as we’re concerned, this scenario is good for two things: getting as much gold and charms as possible, or for getting to the last room to loot the golden treasure chests.

1. Final Room run

Pros: hi-tailing it to the final room and killing the  boss there gets you access to 3 special chests which contain a chance at better loot.

Cons: there’s only a chance at the better loot – it doesn’t always pay off. You also miss out on loads of chests which contain the goodies along the way. However, if you get there quick, you can always double back and loot some in the time you have remaining.

Extras used: Potion of Light Steps (1 Elder Charm, requires Friendly with Kirin Tor Offensive), 3 Polymorphic Keys (3 charms each, requires Exalted with Kirin Tor Offensive).

Our view: It’s not worth it, we prefer the gold and rep tokens (on our mains) or the charms (on our alts). However, we’ve put together a video for you to see the route and where I used the potions and keys.

2. Loot run

Pros: lots of goodies

Cons: we never have enough time to get to the final boss and/or get caught by the traps a lot causing me to slow down

Extras used: none

Our view: Go for it! We tend to circle around the room looting every chest possible using speed boosts. We’ve uploaded a video – mistakes and all – to show how much we got and the loot.

We average:

  • 10-15 Elder Charms (17 on this one)
  • 1-3 Burial Trove keys (2 on this one)
  • 15-20 Tattered Parchments for rep
  • 1 or 2 Ritual Stones
  • 200-300g

Enjoy the clip!