When “in-game” becomes “in real-life”.

We have talked a fair bit about how important gaming with friends is to us. You can read the start of the series here.

These two friends are a couple whose anniversary happens to be a week later than our own, they’re a similar age and we have known them since the middle of Cataclysm. For those who don’t use expansions as time indicators: around 2 1/2 years. We like anonymity here, so I’ll call them by their WoW names; Thondar and Kiwii.

In all the time we had known each other, we had never been able to meet “IRL” because they live in Denmark and we live in the UK. Typical, eh? We had spent hours and hours on skype and in game chatting so we thought it was time to finally meet. When the opportunity to have a short summer break presented itself, we went for it.

We had a FANTASTIC time.



We always joke with the Danes about how we don’t feel part of the EU, so this was their welcome sign coming into Denmark. I don’t know how Hello Kitty started, but the two blokes always joke about their “love” for it.

It was a little daunting, turning up in a foreign country whose language doesn’t even closely resemble the one you know, to meet people you’ve never ‘properly’ met. However, the worry was unfounded, as it was like we had always known each other.

We have heard many times, especially from people outside the gaming community, comments along the lines of: “how can you possibly form relationships in a GAME?” or “they aren’t real friendships”. When you spend so much time with these people, you can’t help but get to know them. As I’m sure you have experienced, the friendships are very real, and we wouldn’t be without them.

We can only urge you to take the opportunity to meet your online friends (safely) if you have the opportunity. These people have shared experiences that you don’t always find in the ‘real’ world.

Finally… to Thondar and Kiwii – we love you guys! 🙂