Monday Moan #32

the-sha-of-anger-world-of-warcraft-screenshot-62309I was moaning on Twitter about this a LOT this week…

You know when you see that little achievement which you haven’t yet done and you think… “oh, easy, let’s do this!” then you realise it’s not as easy as first thought?

So, this week I noticed I still hadn’t got my Ring of the Kirin Tor for the achievement of the same name. I’d just got exalted (although you don’t need exalted, you get a discount at the vendor if you are), so I thought I’d go and check it out in Dalaran… I thought I’d be paying a couple of hundred gold.

Oh nooooooo.

6 THOUSAND gold later, I had my ring and a right bad attitude.

6,000g for a RING? For an ACHIEVEMENT? I’m obviously a mug.


6 thoughts on “Monday Moan #32

  1. I’m exalted with the Kirin Tor on several characters and just absolutely refused to cough up the 6k for the ring – guess that achievement will have to be put on hold until one of my characters wins the lottery somewhere. 😀

  2. It could be worse it could be 125k or whatever it is for the mount for the achievement 🙂 The ring was actually really useful when it was current just as a way to move around the world faster.

    • You’re right, it could be worse, but then… I’d moan about that as well.

      As a Mage, it’s useless for me… and as I’ve only been playing a year, it’s irrelevant. May as well have just paid 6k for the achievement lol 😉

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