Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #17

Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #17

Best dressed 

I’m behind with this as I really wanted to build an awesome mog to show off, but I haven’t had the time (read: been having too much fun in current content) to do it. So, I’ll show you a couple of favourites. These are are all available to view plus *many* more… Look on the subcategories on the right of the screen where there are many mogs from ages past (I will be updating these as we transmog after gearing).

Most of these are monk mogs actually… I seem to enjoy mogging her more than my Mage, which is strange as I play the mage way more. Perhaps it suits the monk’s character?! 

This was built especially for The Tweeters Guild. Love those shoulders.

Lou wore this for nearly the whole of MoP. I think the belt and cloak matchyness was my favourite.

Monk healing set. So purdy.

Go-to drood set. Haven’t changed it since she was created. I love the flowers blooming on the staff.

Fairly standard leather set here, but with the awesome weapons.

Another favourite. I think it’s the tabard here that I really love… with the accessories of the headband and belt. 

And just for fun… my witches outfit 😀

She’s already shown you loads, so here’s one of my favourites.

Look at that badassery. Such a dude.

All of mine are also under the subcategories on the right. Enjoy!

Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #5

You as an NPC

I must admit I spent way too long lost in my imagination for this topic! Isn’t it everyone’s dream to have an NPC named after them?!
I would, of course, be a Gnome mage with silver hair. No Horde traitor stuff for me – it would be a bonus for being a loyal Alliance 😉

My gnome has always had pigtails (not one to be sitting in the hairdressers!) and all my characters have the same colour hair… no idea why, but at alt #4 it kind of became my “thing” so I rolled with it. 

I love this tribute to Robin Williams!

Me and Mr B would be living in a little cottage somewhere close to town – Elwynn Forest maybe – and I would have a little veg patch, a library and a music room. 

My character would wonder around her plot doing some gardening, fishing, reading and playing music, depending on the time of day. She would definitely have lots of small critter friends around her. She would get grumpy if you interrupted her, but ultimately be happy to show you around or help you with something. 

As for quests, she would offer an eclectic range of quests mostly based on teaching new skills (I’m a bit of “jack of all trades” IRL) – offering small skill ups for the key professions (fishing, archaeo, cooking) pet battle quests and I’d love to offer a musical instrument vanity item or toy which you had to do a small quest chain to earn… playing for the King maybe? Getting friendly with me by doing small musical challenges to earn a toy?

That’d be so cool.

I see myself as a Human, either a rogue or a DK. I’ve played these most over the years.

I would hand out quests for PvP, telling you to go and kill XYZ and bring me their heads for epic loots. I would also offer rewards for PvP achievements and cool looking gear.

I’m not sure where I’d be based. My gut instinct was Alterac Valley, but I’m not sure how the logistics would work. Logically, one of the bigger cities – Stormwind? – surrounded by my enemies heads and racks of impressive armour. I’m fairly antisocial, so I can’t see myself with the other PvP vendors BUT somewhere nearby in my own little space.


@chromeeh_gnome came to my rescue yet again last night by helping me finish my Mage Quests. I capitalise that as a proper noun, because I don’t actually know what they’re caller,  but they’re just for Mages and they’re quests. So… Boom.

Anyway,  off we went to Suramar where *shock horror* with Chromeeh’s help I DIDN’T DIE. I also got a tour of the place so I know where to avoid.

We also went to the zoo. That was awesome.


As for me? I don’t know what to play. Help.

First foray into mythics

Firstly… what the HELL has happened to the dungeon system?!

It make all make sense to you guys, but OMG I’m confused.

Anyway, I have a very good friend who has dragged and boosted me kicking and screaming through more expansions than I can count (love you, Rel 🤗) and he very kindly offered to take me to “get some gear”. I have literally no idea what happened in the last two hours, except I went from 814 to 848 ilvl and died a million times. I feel bad for the healers really, they didn’t have a chance. Apparently we did some mythics and a mythic+2 (it was explained but I’m not sure I totally understand – I will Google when recovered!) and handed a quest in to get a nice 890 gear upgrade.

Honestly,  I thought I was starting to get the hang of everything! 

Yes, that’s me. The small turtle.

It’s amazing how one small act of kindness from a friend really changes your gaming experience. If this inspires you to do anything, help someone out today… They may need a friendly face! 

Thanks again, bud! ❤

To PvP… or not to PvP

So the plan was for me to write a super exciting blog series about leveling using PvP from scratch. I asked twitter what to level (undead Rogue won by a small margin) and off I went.

I love PvP and one of the greatest let downs in WoD was how stupid the queuing system was in Ashran. It really put me off for a while, so I was excited to start again this expansion.

I got to level 10 and queued for my first BG. TWENTY MINUTES later I got my first one. This continued all the way to level 15 where I gave up. I don’t know if it’s the time of day I play, the norm these days or what. I can’t waste twenty minutes waiting for the queue to pop I don’t have that time anymore. #dadlife

So that idea is a bust, sorry folks. I may try levelling a DK and seeing if queue times are better in the higher levels, but for now, back to levelling the Shaman.

Mini Update… (Eurovision calls!)

Neither of us have blogged for a few days because we forgot to renew our sub /sadface so we have been spending time together and other boring RL stuff.

Just kidding, love you :*

Anyway, we have an exciting (well, one of us is excited about this and it isn’t me!!!) new blog series which we hope will start tomorrow, featuring Mr B and his newest alt. We are also slowly catching up to Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge which I’ve been posting periodically. Finally, Mr B is actually in bed (early starts, remember?!) as I write this, so no update from him today… I’ll just put a little then EUROVISION!

So today, I spent a glorious few hours doing exactly what I wanted to. I’ve decided this is the way forward: don’t feel pressured to do the end content stuff as in reality, I’m several months behind and it makes me really stressed trying to do things without really understanding them.

As I write this, stress from a video game? Wut? A whole new blog post I think???

I picked up a few new quests from my Order Hall after handing a couple in. I pottered around Dalaran doing some Mage Quests with Khadgar – those were annoying… in and out of the Order Hall and Violet Hold. Silly mage, making me run everywhere. I also went on a couple of profession quests, bagging a new pet (Ashmaw Cub) and a few new pieces of gear. I also realised I was running dangerously low on Order Resources, so I headed off to do my first few World Quests. If you have any advice which one’s to choose I’d be grateful. I just did the one’s closest to where I was doing my Archaeology quest…?


Lots of writing, sorry! Will see you tomorrow (hopefully) for Mr B’s big – by his standards – reveal.

Enjoy Eurovision 😉


Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #4

Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #4

An Azeroth Holiday

Mr B: that’s easy. Howling Fjord. It’s just beautiful. It has mountains. Water. Snow… everything you could want or need. 
For me, it’s not so easy to decide. I suppose it depends what type of holiday you want? Or am I over thinking it? 
I’d love to go sightseeing in somewhere like Thunder Bluff or Orgrimmar. There’s so many cool things to see and do, obviously only ever playing Horde, that I haven’t done. However, how cool would it be to go sightseeing around somewhere like Booty Bay or one of the cute fising villages off the coast. Oh, how about the Panda starting island? I’d love to go back!

For a beach holiday, I think I’d like to go to the nice sandy beaches of Tanaris… I’d be quite happy relaxing there for a couple of days. I love this screenshot of my rogue hanging out on the Isle of Quel’Danas. She’s spent many happy moments admiring the view of the sea.

I’d also really like to visit somewhere in the mountains to do a bit of skiing or relaxing in a cosy cabin – somewhere like Mount Nevrest.

I also wouldn’t mind visiting Nagrand for a safari holiday, or visiting the beautiful rocks and gems in Deepholm. 
Thinking about it, I’d really love to do a tour of Pandaria. I’d visit Jade Forest, enjoy a ride down the river, take part in the sky race and visit the cloud serpents. I’d do a spot of fishing before heading to Halfhill and the market, eating lots of scummy food. Then I would go to Krasarang and have a lovely time on the beach (minus the things trying to kill me of course), then head off to the Shrine for some R&R.

The problem is the same as I face IRL. There are so many amazing, varied placed to visit, I can’t really decide where I would go first. Perhaps a Round-Azeroth-Trip is a good idea?!!