Alt Appreciation – Warlock week!

Welcome back!

Class Week

Warlocks this week. Both of us have unplayed warlocks at 90. Here’s our story.

It’s fair to say that I go through phases with this toon. I played it a few months ago solidly, gearing it up and attempting that damn green fire challenge over and over and over…. and over. I used to really enjoy the warlock, but after failing on the green fire quest for weeks at a time, I got a bit bored and haven’t really been back since.

Aviary Photo_130212005795770758I play as Destruction, but since they changed the moving whilst casting talent, I haven’t really been into picking it up again. I think it’s a real shame Blizzard decided to change it, I loved setting things on fire and the warlock kiting was awesome.

I also really love this mog from the picture. It took me a while to grind, but I think it looks very dark and warlock-y!

My warlock is my newest 90…

Aviary Photo_130215814054529336

Isn’t she cute?! She’s my only worgen and I love her name so much. I loooooved the Gilneas starting zone, as it’s something I’ve only ever done twice (once when I was a complete noob), so it was fun to go back and experience it again and take my time through the quests. Have you ever just kicked back and looked at how damn beautiful it is?

I levelled her as part of a levelling project with my dear husband, and I really enjoyed playing her all the way through to 90. With a tank dedicated to serving you, it’s always easier to KILL YOUR FOES, but I found warlock survivability better than even my hunter. However, after dinging 90 and getting my transmog, I haven’t played her much.

Unfortunately, dinging 90 tied in pretty much with the start of the 5.3 patch and I really didn’t have time to gear her up. She sat in HC blues for weeks, until I outfitted her in timeless isle epics and now sits around 490 ilvl. She’s always really fun to play, setting things on fire and burning them to the ground, but I find her extremely similar to my Mage, which I play as a main. There isn’t anything too enthralling about going from your main to something really similar… in my humble opinion anyway.

I’d love to play her again, but I can’t see myself dedicating the time needed for a while… it’s good to know she’s there waiting for me though!

See you next week for the last, but not least, installment for Warriors.

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