Five Fashionista Minutes with Mrs B

I thought I’d introduce you to my new Hunter transmog.

I really wanted something natural, but with no skulls. Girly, but not wearing a dress. This is what I put together and I really love it:

Aviary Photo_130116367444648199


Aviary Photo_130116367652604246


Aviary Photo_130116367867112822



Shoulders: Beast-Tamer’s Shoulders

Chest: Gronnstalker’s Chestguard

Hands: Tsunami Gloves

Waist: Runed Copper Belt

Legs: Gronnstalker’s Leggings

Feet: Gronnstalker’s Boots

Weapon: Drakkari Hunting Bow


I think one of the best pets for this set, that I have, is the Amber coloured Direhorn from Isle of Giants:


So, do you like? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Five Fashionista Minutes with Mrs B

  1. I like it! Nice look. 🙂

    Oh, and great use of the Gronnstalker pieces, they look way less creepy without the shoudlers, headgear and gloves. ^.^

    • Merci bien! Hihi, tu peux les comprendre en Anglais? On va te suivre et lire tes postes. On aime beaucoup les autres blogs au sujet des jeux ^^ Je vais traduire pour mon marié alors, il est mal en Francais 😀

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