Monday Moan #13


This week I have decided to moan about something which seems to be cropping up more and more regularly.

Imagine this:

You finally tame that amazing hunter pet which you have been camping for a long time… Loque’nahak for example. Then, when she is finally yours, you realise that her name has been automatically reset as “Cat”.


Gritting your teeth, you decide that you want the whole world, noobs and veterans alike, to know that this is Loque’nahak – just to show off. You right click the portrait, check the spelling and type it in.

“This name contains invalid characters”.


It is really annoying that you can’t use apostrophes or spaces in hunter pet names anymore. I have always kept my rares their original names, but now, I have Dethtilac and GhostSaber /grimace.


4 thoughts on “Monday Moan #13

  1. Omg! I’ve never played a hunter, but this sounds so annoying!! I would hate it. So you used to be able to use apostrophes and Blizzard took away the possibility to use them? That’s even worse! 😦

  2. totallly with you there good Sir. I like naming my own pets my way, but oocasionally I want them the original name for bragging rights, so I totally understand my friend!

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