Do We Need a Virtual Naughty Corner?

Being in the profession I am, I am really keen on certain key points…

  1. Grammar and proper language
  2. Manners
  3. Good behaviour and setting a good example

… and I get incredibly annoyed when these 3 basic life-rules don’t happen.


3 guesses what my post is about?!

Yesterday, WoW Insider posted: Community Blog Topic: Should well-behaved players be rewarded?

A while ago, in my Monday Moan, I had a gripe about badly mannered people and foul language. I know a lot of folks get really frustrated with the general disgusting attitude of fellow players, especially towards newbies and in LFG. Just a couple of days ago, we were running alts through a low level dungeon and I pulled aggro without realising, only to get called a ‘bitch’ by the healer… and the tanks language wasn’t much better. She then left me to die and quit the instance so I had to corpse run from the graveyard in Zangarmarsh, into Slave Pens and all the way through the damn instance to loot the final boss.

I think there are certain valid points the article covers:

  1. Builds on the principal that I stick to: positive behaviour management. If you behave well, you get rewarded.
  2. See above.

However, I also think it’s a ridiculous idea for several reasons:

  • WoW is not school, and should be treated as such!
  • Good behaviour is a basic human principal and should be a given (whether it is or not is a separate issue)
  • Rewarding people for being polite will only encourage more scamming of the system
  • I can’t think of a fair way to instigate a reward system: for LFR? For LFG? For guildies? Should we vote? How do we vote?
  • What is ‘well-behaved’? Not swearing? Saying hello? Not ninja-ing loot? I can’t see a fair way to judge it.

The basic issue is this: common decency has gone out the window. We should say hello and thank you in LFG. We should be making sure we look after new players and offering them help/advice. We should be talking to, and treating each other, with respect and kindness. Next time you’re passing a lowbie, why not buff them, or one shot that mob which is trying to kill them? Simple, yet effective.

What we should not be doing is treating each other like crap, using language unsuitable for children (because they do exist in-game!), and rewarding players with a treat like a dog when they act like a human. How about we all become much more stringent on those acting like idiots instead, and Blizzard punishing them more thoroughly?

Next time you might feel like raging at a player: ask yourself whether you’d say or act like that to someone IRL. Set the example, play nice, and karma will give you a pat on the back.

I appreciate my view may not be echoed by everyone – what do you think?

18 thoughts on “Do We Need a Virtual Naughty Corner?

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Manners cost nothing but it shouldn’t turn into “I’ll pretend to be nice so I get rewarded.” It should be basic nature of a person to not be an ass. Like I have said in a previous comment, it seems some people have forgotten this is a game. They also seem to forget that real people sit behind the screen.

  2. I agree with everything you say. Rude and ignorant people in-game really disgust me. You can’t expect everyone to know everything that you know about the game, but it seems some people cannot put themselves into other people’s shoes.

    I am in a 25 man Glory to the Ulduar Raider right now as I write this, and there was one rude deathknight killing the adds on the Razorscale fight, ignoring the RL’s warning saying not to DPS the adds. He was ruining it for 14 other people in the raid, so the RL had no choice but to kick him. He then linked his completed his meta achievement in /s and say “haha losers :D” showing his immaturity and disrespect.

    It comes as second nature to me to be polite to others. There are players that really get my angry for several reasons, but I would never spew foul language in their direction.

    I could go on all day on this topic, it really pains me to see and hear nasty people. And I agree. Kindness goes a long way. But what can we do?

    • I think most forget they were learning once upon a time too! It is a shame, as you say, that people feel the need to constantly ruin the game for everyone else. I imagine that these people are often young and immature. Or perhaps just idiots…!

      Shall we go on a two-man suicide mission to improve the manners of the Warcraft community??

  3. Excellent commentary. 🙂 In my last LFR we had a player using racist language. Nobody was saying anything until I spoke up and asked for a little civility and some more moderate language. Soon as I did 4 or 5 others immediately spoke up in my support and we promptly kicked the offending player. I think it goes to show that many people do want to be polite, but someone needs to lead the way.

  4. This is one of the primary reasons I have pulled away from playing wow. My guild doesn’t raid, and being in LFR is just stressful and aggravating. Between the racist slurs and sexist language, I feel like I am better off playing a game by myself rather than throwing myself at the mercy of trolls. :/

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  11. Very valid post. I really agree with your comment that we shouldn’t be rewarding people for not being nasty to each other. I don’t see the point in the nastiness or verbal/typed abuse that can go out in this game, while I don’t expect everyone to be sweetness and light all the time, there’s no need to make rude comments, you have the choice in what you put in type.

    • I agree, not everyone can be sunny! Typing nastily, in a sense, is worse than speech – you have the time to think when you type and are therefore able to modify your behaviour accordingly.

      Thanks for your comment!

  12. I will always report a player if they use bad language against someone. I don’t mind if someone says out loud ‘to a boss’ for example – “FFS die already”, but if they are swearing AT a player I will always report them. One can tell when schools out though, because the behaviour in PUGs and BGs hits a downward spiral unfortunately. I actually had a case today in a BG that I reported as cyber bullying. The two players knew each other and one was hell bent on making the other one feel bad for his bad gear/low dps/bad this/bad that etc. But – I think there should be a system where you can maybe “promote” a player for good behaviour, or helpful behaviour. Whether it’s a system of points that maybe give you extra mats when you loot or something I don’t know. That way people would err on the side of polite rather!

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