Monday Moan #24

the-sha-of-anger-world-of-warcraft-screenshot-62309You know, one of the most annoying things e.v.e.r. happens to me almosy daily?


Not just NPCs, but post boxes, quest givers, things on the ground you need to click… the list is endless. Just to demonstrate my point, here I was today trying to buy the 522 chest for my Monk:



I would go so far as to say I wish they would globalise those auto-dismount mage-type bubbles they have around the quest givers on the Isle of Thunder. If only people used their brains and dismounted so everyone could access the NPC… I would have nothing to moan about.

Nothing to moan about… Imagine that!

8 thoughts on “Monday Moan #24

  1. I have had people intentionally stand on top of NPCs to make it so that other people can’t use them (dirty trolls again)… but I always find a way!

  2. There is always someone who mounts up and then uses some sort of potion to make themselves massive. Lets just say I flip my lid a little!

    Maybe they should do the same as they do with the PvP vendors where there is a sort of “invisible box” around them that you cannot step into?

  3. Agreed!! This drives me insane! Before the Isle of Thunder, I think it was even prior to MoP, the boyfriend said about placing auto-dismount bubbles around NPCs, quest-givers etc. I told him to suggest it to Blizz but he never did. Then they went & introduced it.

  4. This happens on expansion launch day too with everyone crowding the quest givers. In the end I had to keybind “interact with” to do any quests.

    /tar {whichever NPC}
    Press “interact with” keybind

    Still infuriating!

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