Dress Geek!

Well, we should all be expert at this, right? 😉

dressupWe actually found this really difficult… but here’s what we came up with.

Aviary Photo_130260623508180250

WoW cosplay geek #dressup.

Neither of us really like the term “geek” as it’s a bit derogatory and seems negative, but we embrace our geekiness! We thought about what being a “geek” is and especially what being a Warcraft geek might entail. We got to thinking about buying into the brand, trading cards and Blizzcon… then onto how dressing up at Blizzcon is a big thing and about how we would totally do it given the opportunity. We decided that cosplay is a massive thing, which is definitely portrayed as geeky to non-gamers, so wanted to find an armour set that we thought was classic and would be really fun to participate in cosplay with.

These are the Vestments of Eternal Blossom recolour and we think they symbolise being a WoW geek perfectly!


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