Hunting Hoplings

We have been hearing a lot about the Hopling from Stormstout Brewery, so today I thought I’d go hunt it out.

Aviary Photo_130187906476571244What to do

  • Queue for Stormstout Brewery HC as normal
  • As you zone in, buy 5 Ling-Ting’s Favourite Tea from the vendor on your immediate right
  • Complete the instance and let the others leave
  • Use this macro to help locate them:

/tar Golden Hopling

/script SetRaidTarget(“target”,1)

  • Starting at either end, spam the macro in each part of the instance – outside on the walkways as well as in the room. Remember to face in different directions, the little blighters are everywhere! Just make sure you kill all the hostile hozen first… although some do remain partying the night away!


  • You need 30 for the achievement:

Aviary Photo_130187906938326088

After completing the achievement, you’ll get a lovely letter from Aunty…

Aviary Photo_130187906712511905

… and this will contain your hopling. He’s cute, enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Hunting Hoplings

  1. Nice in this post. I did that one a little while back. There’s an addon called Overachiever. It helps you search for achievements, store them on a little tab and suggests them, for areas you’re in. It alerted me to that.

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