Minecraft Series #1 ICE CREAM!

Many of you have said you would like to see what we’re up to in the meantime during our break with Warcraft. Mr B is still playing a little, so I’ve been on Minecraft a lot.

This is my ice cream parlour, located outside the stadium (you can see it in the background) in a complex with the Cinema and McDonalds (I’ll show you these in a later post).

The window on the left hand side of the building is for takeaway, and there’s a small outside seating area behind the giant icecream…


Here’s the top (that’s McDonalds on the left):


Seating area inside (with multicoloured tabletops of course!):


And staff / prep area:


It’s quite a small building (15/18 at its widest) but I really like it. It’s original – as far as I know!-  I just copied the outside design from a picture of a real parlour I found online, but the interior is pretty basic.

Hope you like!

2 thoughts on “Minecraft Series #1 ICE CREAM!

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