Isle of Dailies, I mean… Thunder.

So, the new patch hits. I hear mixed reviews but it’s a couple of days before I have chance to check it out.

I am – generally – very disciplined – I do all my dailies 6 days a week (work depending of course) and I now have all MoP factions exalted except Tushi Pandaren (working on it!!). I was quite looking forward to a change of scenery and new things to discover and different mobs to kill.

I am not impressed.

Firstly, the starting area on the boat. Full of people afk taking up space and getting in the way.

Next, the island. I like the idea of everyone on the server contributing to the xp. I don’t think the island is that inspiring though… damp, dingy, swampy, dark… If I wanted that, I’d go touring around Swamp of Sorrows. I’m also not particularly enamoured with the mobs – more Mogu-like statues, granite dogs and lots of cliffs to repeatedly fall off.

However, I do like the idea of the mage bubbles (even if they’re a nightmare to see on my rubbish computer) and also having a few different hubs – it spreads the mania out slightly and gives you some options in your game play and time spent doing dailies. I love that you are turned into a Saurok – the jumping part is very fun. I also think it’s a lovely idea to turn your pet and/or minion into something too. I have come across two transmutations so far (Basilisk and Globule):



I think the globule is the best 🙂

I know I haven’t really committed to these, but as a general first impression, I’m not enthralled. I shall update you in a couple of weeks!

EDIT: so a few months in and I’m still discovering transmutes of my pet. I still don’t like the dailies, but I’m working on some achievements I’ll write about another time. Here are more mutations of my Elemental (Mini Saurok and Cockroach):



2 thoughts on “Isle of Dailies, I mean… Thunder.

  1. Thank you for reading ^^ I’ve decided my desire for the mount outweighs my hatred of the place so I’m doing a few a day. Can’t hack the full rotation though!

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