Monday Moan #17


Perhaps a slightly silly moan this week, but one thing which I get quite annoyed about sometimes!

Hunter pets shrinking when tamed…

Look at this:

Aviary Photo_130158689305328098

This is Weedle, my giant grub from Jade Forest who – due to a bug (haha, hope you like the pun there!) – looked absolutely amazing because he was HUGE and didn’t shrink when tamed. I got loads of compliments about how he looked.

Now look at this:

Aviary Photo_130158687338700321Don’t you think it’s a shame they hot fixed it? Other pets I think would look brilliant are Pogeyan from Stranglethorn, Hexapos and Rockhide the Immovable – they’re massive before tame but shrink substantially afterwards. Pffft, I want a massive pet damnit!

I know you practical people will go on about them taking over the screen etc etc, but I – for all that my opinion matters – mourn the loss of the size of some of my pets.

Do you agree??

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