WoW Screenshot A Day – Days 28-31

Day 28 – Corridor

Mr B chose this, as it’s his favourite one leading down to Blackwing Lair


Day 29 – Lucky

Here I am, fishing in Dalaran fountain for the ‘lucky’ gold coins. I say ‘lucky’ as the damn achievement still took me months!

Aviary Photo_130222582229825948

Day 30 – Cluttered

*whispers* I think I have a problem….


Day 31 – Dangerous

Didn’t your Mama ever tell you that playing with fire is dangerous?!


I’ve really enjoyed doing this challenge! It’s been difficult to make sure I’m organised enough to submit one on a certain day, but it’s made me look at WoW in a totally new way. I really encourage you to try it… or make up your own! A big thanks to @tycertank for putting the whole thing together 🙂

2 thoughts on “WoW Screenshot A Day – Days 28-31

  1. Nice screenshots!

    I got my Dalaran fishing cheevo in a day in a half. I used to work nights and one night I literally did not have any work. That night, I fished from that sewer for 8 hours straight! The next day, I finished fishing the few coins I was missing.

    Looking back, I have no idea how I focused on fishing for so long…LOL

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