Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #21

What do you have in your bags?


We suggested this topic because it is THE BIGGEST argument we have in game. It’s ridiculous really, because he’s the one with the issue and IT DOESN’T EVEN AFFECT HIM.

I can’t stand her bags. There’s no organisation. There’s too much in them. They’re messy. You can’t find stuff. She doesn’t have bags dedicated to certain things.

It absolutely does my HEAD in.

Here are mine, this is what they should look like.
bags r

I love an organised bag. I would usually use BagOn or similar, but our current PC can’t run addons so I’m going at it alone. As you can see, consumables, junk, mats, gear… all have their place.

Whereas look at this abomination….

bags lou


He takes the Micky, but this is actually pretty good for me… there’s space and it’s quite well organised. Let’s have a look. The challenge was not to tidy them up, so when I logged in I took a picture of how I finished the day before. Excuse the trash items and stuff… it’s a bit messy, but it’s me πŸ˜€

Backpack is – as it suggests – stuff I use regularly. I hate that this is only 16 slots… why haven’t they updated this?! I keep Hearthstones, useful trinkets, health potions, bandages and usually fishing gear as I swap in and out of that a lot.

The big hexweave bag on the left is always profession stuff. Fish, mats, cloth, other crafting reagents. This isn’t usually enough space though, so it tends to overflow into the royal satchel above the backpack. I usually keep the class hall armour set things for the followers here too. The top most bag is always pet battles, food and fishing extras. The other bag is for everything else. Perfectly organised and if you changed things around I wouldn’t have a clue.

Her bags give me hives. Just for giggles, I’ll show you her bank bags.

You ready for this nightmare????


Here you go.


I apologise for the complete laziness… it’s 10.30pm and I can’t be bothered to crop my backpack bags out πŸ˜€ I still don’t really understand why he gets so irate… everything is organised perfectly and I can locate the stuff I need. I will profess, after taking this picture I sold a few mats and got rid of the WoD follower armour I don’t need, but still.

WHEN are we going to get a Tabard storage system? It’s getting ridiculous now.

So, what are YOUR bags like: organised chaos or sparse and empty?


8 thoughts on “Z and Cinder’s Blog Challenge #21

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  2. Your bags look just fine to me, Mrs WoW!

    (P.S. There’s a Tabard category in your Appearances tab, so you don’t actually have to keep all those tabards anymore unless they have extra special sentimental value. You just need to carry around one tabard, and you can Transmogrify it into any other tabard that you have earned the right to wear!)

    • Really????? Argh how did I not know this?!!!! Thanks so much this is a game changer!

      Glad normal people think my bags are ok. We have so many disagreements about it πŸ™ˆ

  3. Hah, why are those bags messy? Gosh, I cannot show mine, then! πŸ˜› I have no bags that are meant or pointed out to contain this or that.

    It looks fine! Both, of course Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

    I carry around Tabards too, dont worry. For Rep gain during Timewalking Events though. The rest I sold when I learned the appearance indeed, as kamaliaetalia points out πŸ™‚

    ..Trying to recognize what you both have in your bags, makes me realize, just how many icons there exist in WoW these days, now I think of it…

  4. The bag search function has made us all into a little bit of a hoarder. Search β€œHAND” to find all gloves, search β€œARTI” to find all artifact power and relics. I find it supremely handy when trying to purge out the 5 sets of shoulders that I have in bag.. or to burn all the artifact power I just picked up..

    I only had empty bags like Mr Wow on my boosted characters (same embersilk bags even). My warlock has the same messy bags, but I do love my sorting. I’ve applied categories to both bank and on-hand bags so that I don’t have to scour each for..

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